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Common Cracking to Serious Drywall Damage

There are differing circumstances that can cause your drywall to crack, such as your house shifting, or something as simple as the vibrations from walking. The cracks you see in your walls are actually cracks in the tape and plaster covering the seams of the drywall instead of the drywall cracking. Not to say that isn’t possible, but drywall cracking requires more extensive damage that could come from a larger disaster like the impact from a heavy weight. Nevertheless, we will generally discuss both scenarios, and how to repair the damage caused by each.

The most common form of cracking If your home hasn’t experienced a major trauma, there is a good chance the cracks you notice are from general shifting and are cracks in the tape and plaster. Repair isn’t complicated, but does require a moderate amount of skill. If the cracks are small and in inconspicuous locations, you can simply apply plaster or a small piece of drywall tape with accompanying coats of plaster. If they are larger, you may want to sand the wall until you reach the tape, and then patch the tape with new tape and plaster. If you approach it in this manner, you should expect to have to carefully match the existing texture on the wall to make the repair blend as seamlessly as possible

The cracks caused by major events Although rare, these cracks can be caused by earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, the weight of a heavy roof bearing down on the wall, or by a blunt force from a heavy object. Whatever the cause, you should be sure to first inspect the overall structural integrity of the wall before attempting a repair job. There is no point in wasting time repairing a crack if it is actually indicative of a larger problem. If the crack is small enough, you can repair it in the same manner as mentioned above. If it is more extensive, you may need to remove a portion of the drywall; then patch, tape, primer, texture, and paint.

If you would like the assistance of a skilled drywall professional in repairing your wall, then request free estimates from licensed drywall contractors in your area.

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