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Drywall Repair: Maintaining A Smooth, Finished Appearance

From the latter half of the 20th century continuing into the 21st, most homes will have drywall dressing their walls in at least one area. The term “drywall” describes a panel made of gypsum plaster that is lined with paper. It is attached to walls and ceilings with screws, and then finished with tape, plaster, texture, paint, or wallpaper to create the smooth and finished appearance we are all accustomed to.

Drywall will never give out, but over time, it can be susceptible to damage. Hanging pictures, water damage, the natural shifting of the building, or accidents can all lead to cracks, holes, and areas that must be replaced. Drywall is very receptive to repair, but the process will always require skill to properly blend the repair into the existing wall. The following compilation of articles is designed to guide you through these processes and to educate you on what to expect if you choose to hire a professional drywall contractor. The drywall represents the finishing touch to your home, and you want a repair to be completed successfully and as perfectly as possible.

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