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Installing Drywall on Tricky, Rounded Corners

In the past twenty years, interior design has embraced more curves, introducing the rounded edge on drywall corners. Some still choose the more traditional square corner, but most prefer the smoother, more modern look.

How to create a rounded edge: When hanging the drywall, install just as you would on any other corner. Bring the drywall flush with the edge, nailing securely into place. After you have hung all of the sheets in the room, it is time to install your edge pieces. Outside edges are less protected than inside corners and require additional reinforcement through the use of a corner bead. Corner bead comes in long strips of plastic or metal, and is contoured to fit over the edge of the drywall. It comes square or rounded. Typically, it has small nail holes already, but you can always screw into place through the material.

Finishing the rounded edge: After the corner bead is securely attached, apply a thin coat of plaster or drywall mud over the edges. Allow to dry, and then lightly sand. It may be necessary to add repeat coats until the edge is smooth and no lines are visible. It is possible for the whole piece of edging to become covered before you are finished. When texturing, texture over the corner just as you would the rest of the wall. When it is painted, it will blend into the rest of the wall for a custom, contemporary look.

Finishing corners both inside and out can be complicated. Allow yourself plenty of time, and patiently work each section until you reach the desired appearance. If you would like some assistance with your project, request free estimates from licensed drywall contractors in your area.

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