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Drywall Hanging and Installation

Drywall installation is labor intensive and time consuming, but necessary to most building projects. The drywall provides the backing for your finishing touches and interior design. The following instructions will either help you to install your own drywall or assist you in looking for the right contractor.

All of the plumbing, electrical, and insulation must be installed before you hang the drywall. To achieve as straight of a surface as possible, inspect your studs ahead of time for any drastically bowed or crowned boards. It may be necessary to either shave-off a crown, or attach shims to a bowed area.

When hanging drywall, you begin with the ceiling first and then work your way down. It helps to make marks with a pencil both on the floor and the ceiling where the studs are to guide you while inserting screws. Measure your boards, make your cuts, and attach in place by tacking all four corners of the drywall in place. Once you are certain the material is the right fit, completely screw it into place with drywall screws. On all of the edges, place a screw every six inches; on the studs in the field, 12 inches is sufficient. Make sure the screws fit tightly without puncturing the paper on the drywall. When installing additional sheets, make sure the edge of the drywall falls directly in the center of the stud, allowing you to butt the next sheet tightly against it. The seam should fall right in the center of the stud, providing a strong backing. The seams of the lower course of drywall on the wall should be staggered from the top seams. After the drywall is firmly attached, make cuts to expose the outlet boxes and windows.

Sheets of drywall tend to be heavy and can be difficult to install by yourself. In the least, try to find someone who can help to lift and hold the board in place. If you would like the assistance of a skilled drywall contractor, then request free CalFinder estimates from those listed in your area.

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