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Installing Drywall for Corners

It is important to have quality work throughout your whole building project, but nothing draws as much attention as the finish work. Drywall installation and finishing is quite an undertaking in itself, and when you throw corners into the mix, it becomes even more complicated. The whole process requires patience and practice; and with both, there is no reason your corners can’t turn out well.

Inside Corners

When hanging the drywall, or sheetrock as it is also called, begin with the ceiling first. All pieces should butt tightly against the inside corners, reducing the amount of finish work required. Finishing inside corners isn’t difficult, but takes some time. Before applying the tape, press mud into the seam to fill the gap. Fold the piece of tape evenly in half longways, and press into the corner with equal tape on each side of the corner. Plaster into place just as you would the other seams. Corners may require more mud than the seams, but the method of application is the same. Apply four to five coats, allowing each to dry and sanding any excess.

Outside Corners

The outside corners will draw more attention along with wear-and-tear, and require more care in finishing. Outside corners require some form or metal or plastic edging called “corner bead.” You can purchase this at any building supply. Corner bead is manufactured in both metal and plastic; and you can choose between a square corner or various sizes of bull-nosed (rounded) corners. You nail this into place over the corner, and then finish with tape and plaster until it is smooth and blends evenly with the rest of the wall.

Corners are very important to the overall appearance of the wall and should receive careful attention when doing finish work. Texture of wallpaper will hide some of the imperfections, but you still want it to be as smooth as it can. If you would like the assistance of a skilled professional, then request free estimates from drywall contractors in your area.

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