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Creating and Finishing Drywall Arches

Throughout our series of articles on drywall, we’ve covered the basics of drywall installation and finishing. Now, it is time to step it up a notch and throw something more complicated into the ring: creating and finishing arches.

Whatever style or size of the arch, it will need to be framed into place and have a plywood or hardwood backing in place before you can hang drywall. Once you have your basic shape and support established, you are ready to begin.

Hanging the front and back of the arch: This step is relatively easy. Simply nail a sheet of drywall over the arch, and then cut out the curved portion. Repeat on the backside of the arch and screw firmly into place.

Installing the curved portion: This step is a bit more complicated and may take a couple of tries to get just right. Measure the length and width of the face of the arch. Cut your strip of drywall, and then wet slightly to allow it to bend. Allow it to absorb the water slowly, possibly as long as two hours. It is possible to purchase a thinner drywall that is specially made to bend easier. Nail into place.

Finishing the arch: Now that you have the drywall in place, it is time to make it look attractive. You will want to attach a corner bead, preferably rounded, to the edges on both sides of the arch. The next step is to apply drywall mud to the corner bead to hold it in place and to create a more finished appearance. You may need to apply two or three coats. Once it has dried, sand lightly, and then prime. Now you are ready for texture and paint, and then you can take in the full effect of your new arch.

Finishing drywall can be a complicated process, but for that, it is all the more rewarding. Adding some custom touches, such as an arch, is more labor intensive, but will give your home that extra special touch. If you would like the help of a skilled drywall professional, then request estimates from drywall contractors in your area.

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