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Drywall Texture, Spanish Drag

Drywall is the board that covers the framing and insulation within a wall and creates the smooth surface thatyou see when you look at a finished home. In a manner of speaking, it is the canvas on which the interior designer can work their strokes of creative genius.

There are multiple options for finishing a plain drywalled wall. You have the option of spraying or hand-troweling a conventional plaster, installing wallpaper, or using a textured paint. One such texture option is called “Spanish Drag.”

Spanish Drag is actually a combination of sprayed and hand-troweled texture. This method of applying texture has been in use for the past twenty years. It is accomplished through first spraying the texture with a texture hopper (a texture sprayer attached to an air compressor). The texture is allowed to set for about 10 minutes, and then a very large trowel, up to two feet in width, is used to spread and knock-down the texture. The result is a Spanish Drag.

There are other ways to manipulate texture into various patterns. The orange-peel design is accomplished through spraying a wetter version of texture. A truly unique variation is accomplished through first spraying the pattern; allowing it to dry, and then hand-troweling over the orange peel. After the plaster is dry, you apply a glaze creating an unusual and attractive finish.

After your Spanish Drag texture is dry, you should apply a high-quality primer to properly seal it. Plaster is water-based and very prone to absorbing paint. You more than likely will need at least two coats of paint over your texture for adequate coverage.

Applying texture is a skilled process, and not one that you want to appear shabby. With practice, you can definitely learn the process, but until you reach the desired skill level, a professional will produce a better finished product. If you would like the help of a trained drywall contractor, then request free estimates from skilled drywall contractors in your area.

Are your walls looking a little blah? Then you might want to add an interesting texture to liven them up a bit. While the application may be more complicated than other texture options, Spanish Drag, a form of knock-down texture, has been a popular choice among homeowners for years. Read on to learn more.


Costs for this project depend on the type of drywall you purchase, as well as the cost of labor. Because Spanish Drag texture is a multiple-step process, we recommend hiring a skilled drywall professional for the job. You can get free estimates from a local contractor here.


Spanish Drag has an interesting, more varied appearance than other texture options.


The multiple step-process necessary for Spanish Drag drywall means that it should be applied by a professional.


After the Spanish Drag wall texture is properly sealed, keep it clean with a damp rag. Use a household cleaner for tougher stains.

Common Questions and Answers

How is the Spanish Drag texture method accomplished?

It is accomplished through first spraying the texture with a texture hopper (a texture sprayer attached to an air compressor). The texture is allowed to set, and then a very large trowel (up to two feet in width) is used to spread and knock-down the textu

Should Spanish Drag texture be sealed?

Yes, as with most other drywall texture options, Spanish Drag should be sealed with a high-quality primer once it’s dry. This will make it longer-lasting and easier to clean.


The Spanish Drag method of applying texture has been gaining popularity in the past 20 years or so.

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