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Drywall Paint, Rolled

Painting your drywalled walls can be a fun, but tiring process. Using a roller will expedite the process, and provide more even coverage than if you use a paint brush. There really isn’t much to the process, but the following tips should give you a bit of a helping hand.

Preparation: Before beginning any paint job, it is important to properly prepare the area. Begin by masking everything that you do not want paint on, and covering the large surfaces with drop cloths. Make sure your room is well-ventilated, and there are no obstacles to interfere with moving your ladders around. Be sure to wear old clothes, as you will not be able to use them again. Covering your head with a protective scarf is recommended as well because a roller will inevitably splatter paint into your hair.

Application: Work from the ceiling down as the paint from above may drip or splatter onto the surfaces below. It helps to have a long pole attachment on your roller for overhead or elevated work. Using your painting tray, cover the roller with paint, and squeegee off any excess to avoid it dripping into your eyes or onto the floor below. Apply a thin, even coat and allow to dry. It should dry within a couple of hours, and then you can repeat the process. For the second coat, work from the opposite direction to cover any areas you may have missed with the first application. The process is the same for the walls. Work from the top down, and apply a couple of coats. You will need to paint the edges and corners with a brush.

The roller is a great tool. It works more quickly than a brush, and is less messy than a sprayer. You can purchase them very inexpensively, around $5.00 for a handle and tray set, and anyone can use them. If you would like the help of a professional painter, request free estimates from skilled painting contractors in your area today.

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