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Drywall Paint, Sprayed

Most residential buildings contain drywall in some location, if not covering every wall in the house. Painting drywall is relatively simple, but does require following some basic rules.

When applying paint to drywall, you can use a brush, roller, or paint sprayer. Spraying paint is the quickest method, provides the best coverage, and makes your paint go the furthest. You are not limited in any way in your paint choice when using a sprayer. All water-based latexes work well; and oil and acrylic can also be used. Most professional painters avoid using oil-based paints on interior walls when using a sprayer. Some of the reasons for this include that oil-based paints contain more chemicals that can become airborne and are very difficult to clean-up after.

Preparation is very important when intending to use a paint sprayer, as you will inevitably have overspray. Carefully mask all windows, outlet covers, and fixtures. Cover all furniture and the floor with canvas or cloth drop cloths. Avoid plastic as it can be very slippery under ladders.

Ventilation is always important when painting, and even more so when using a sprayer. A sprayer creates a fine mist of paint causing more particles to become airborne. Unless you buy eco-friendly paint, all paints contain harmful VOCs that are released into the air as they dry.

As long as you properly prepare, using a sprayer is the quickest and easiest way to paint. Ceilings are especially difficult to paint, and a sprayer can definitely help. Paint sprayers are also advantageous when the wall has a textured finish.

You can rent a paint sprayer rather inexpensively at most local building supplies, rental suppliers, and many paint stores. If you would like the assistance of a skilled professional, request free estimates from pre-screened painting contractors in your area.

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