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Repairing Your Deck or Patio with a Quality Seal

A deck or patio can be a great asset to your home. Maintaining it and keeping it in good repair are important to maintaining its value. Applying a good quality seal periodically can go a long way to help preserve your surface.

Choosing your seal.

Which seal you choose depends upon what your surface consists of. Wood surfaces normally are stained first, and then a clear seal is applied over the stain. The seal essentially protects the wood and maintains the integrity of the stain.

Seals are either water based or oil based. Oil bases hold color longer, whereas water bases are more durable. Clear water repellent provides protection, waterproofing, UV protection, and mildew prevention. Toner or tinted water repellant have the same qualities as the clear repellent, but offer some color to the wood. Semi-transparent stains add pigment to the grain of the wood and will last three to four years. Solid stains offer protection as a seal while coloring the wood at the same time.

Where to find the right seal.

Seal RX is one brand that can seal wood, cement, and pavers. It is environmentally safe and backed by a 25-year warranty. Home improvement stores and most paint suppliers often carry a line of wood and cement stains and seals.

How to apply seals.

Seals can be applied over both stained wood and natural wood. Be sure the surface is clean and sanded before application. Only work within the recommended temperatures by the manufacturers, and apply with a paint roller or a sprayer.

Sealing your deck or patio is an important step to encourage the longevity of your asset. A little time and money now can potentially save you a larger expense in the future. Request free estimates from prescreened deck and patio experts to seal your surface today.

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