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Repairing Deck and Patio Cracks

Deck and patios can be wonderful assets and a source of many enjoyable hours of outdoor living – as long as they are in good repair. All areas of a building depreciate over time, needing repair and maintenance at some point. Decks and patios are no exception.

The type and amount of maintenance required for your deck or patio will depend in large part on the type of material it is constructed out of. Decking materials come in wood, vinyl, and composite. Wood requires regular cleaning, staining, and sealing. Vinyl is lower maintenance, with occasional cracks or discoloration; and composites such as Trex decking are virtually maintenance free. Patios can be made from tile, pavers, natural stones, or cement. One of the biggest problems you’ll incur with each of these materials is cracks.

Wood decking over time will began to show signs of wear and tear from traffic and the elements. The boards will crack, and occasionally require repair. When wood boards crack, normally the best course of action is to replace them. This can be done by carefully removing the damaged board, and inserting a new one into the location. The board can be stained and sealed to match the original decking, or a fresh coat of stain can be applied over the total surface to help the new board blend with the old.

Repairing cracks in patios can be a bit more labor intensive. For cement surfaces, the original installer should be sure to put either spacers or to cut ¼ inch lines every couple of feet into the cement. This helps to alleviate stress in the concrete and discourages cracking. Once you have a crack in cement, it can be filled with either a vinyl concrete patching compound, a pourable grout, or a specially formulated acrylic latex caulk.

If you would like the help of experienced deck or concrete experts, then request free estimates from deck and patio contractors in your area today.

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