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Versatility. Beauty. Durability. Do-It-Yourself. These are words often used to describe patio pavers. Instead of a concrete truck or a pile of lumber, you can choose to build your patio paver by paver. That puzzle-piece configuration offers a number of advantages to “paved” decks or patios. You get the luxury of easy repair, resistance to cracking or frost heave, and the durability that comes with it.

The versatility of pavers, also called paving stones, begins with material —typically brick, concrete or stone—then moves on to the slew of colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns available for each material. Installing pavers does require some expertise; it entails much more than laying clay bricks out in the yard. It is, however, a fairly popular DIY project, but usually for simpler, smaller projects. More complex patterns are best left to an experienced professional. On the other hand, new products like Patio Pals promise to make it even easier to lay pavers by yourself, and in half the time.

With pavers it is easy to get a custom look for your patio, as well as walkways, steps, garden paths, and all avenues branching off from the house. The name of the game with pavers is versatility, and in response to that versatility we offer this equally diverse assortment of articles. They will go into much more detail regarding the types of, and applications for, outdoor paving stones.

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