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Add Traditional Flair to Your Deck or Patio with a Lattice

After the deck and railings are fully framed, a lattice is often used as an accent, providing both function and appeal. Traditionally lattice, or latticework, has been made from long, thin strips of wood connected at intervals in a crisscrossing pattern, creating a network of small, open spaces. Sections of lattice are made from vinyl and metal as well, although wood remains the most common for residential decks and patios. Here are some ideas for your lattice:

  • Above the deck boards, a lattice is often run along railings, helping to prevent objects and, more importantly, children from falling off the deck.
  • Latticework is also frequently installed around the perimeter of the deck framing, but below the deck surface. This prevents pets and wild animals from making a home underneath.
  • Latticework is also used on the side of arbors and pergolas to give vine plants a place to climb, provide additional shade from the sun, and add a heightened sense of privacy.
  • In fencing, latticework is used as a “topper,” meaning that the upper 1-2 feet of the fence is made of lattice, providing a sense of privacy while still allowing a limited view in and out of the yard.

The lattice has been an architectural feature for centuries, in some cases even performing structural duties. For decks and patios it provides a bit of traditional flair and is easily painted or stained.

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