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Oak Patio Materials

If you’re brainstorming for ways to add elegance and natural essence to a deck or patio, you may be thinking – oak. But oak is a hardwood best left to your living room floor rather than nailed to an outdoor deck frame.

However, that does not mean that oak serves no purpose as a material for your patio or deck. Application number one is obvious: oak furniture. Oak porch swings, benches, tables, chairs, etc. Oak patio products are best served underneath a canopy of some kind for some protection from the elements in order to preserve the natural beauty and finish of the product.

Oak has another unique potential application on your patio: as a smoking chip. Think smoked salmon, steelhead, trout, whatever. Give your next catch that oaky aroma and flavor with oak smoking chips. Oak is even catching on as a patio door material as homeowners look to complement furniture and flooring both inside and outside the home with a seamless natural feel and flow.

Oak finishes may also be found on outdoor bars, trim, and other finish applications.

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