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Lighting Products for the Deck or Patio

Patio lighting combines function and aesthetics. It can be as simple as the traditional, wall-mount light fixture or as involved as using several lights to create a wonderful, almost surreal ambiance. Deck or patio lighting also creates a safer experience, protecting family and guests from hazards such as steps or pools.

Patio lighting fixtures are many, from wall lanterns to post lanterns to solar patio lights. Which fixtures you choose, as well as where you place them, depends largely on the chosen style of lighting. Traditionally, accent patio lighting consists of a string or strings of lights hung around the border or crisscrossing the patio or deck. This is still very much a valid source of patio lighting, one still used in patios and cafes the world round. But now there are several other ways to accent or fully light your patio or deck. These styles include:

Step Lighting

Provides for safe navigation of steps and denotes boundaries. Step lighting places fixtures beneath railings, on posts, or even recessed into the stairs themselves.

Rail Lighting

Strings or individual (solar powered?) light strategically placed beneath the handrail of a deck railing and shining down can create a very nice, softly lit border around the patio. And don’t forget that with any deck lighting choice, you can go with any color you like.

Fountain Lighting

A definite plus for homeowners with fountains or landscape water features. Underwater lights, flood lights, colored lights, solar garden lights—these are all possibilities for accentuating the beauty of a water feature at night. Don’t forget to use the reflectivity of water as an advantage when designing fountain lights.


A technique that highlights unique shapes within a garden or landscape (e.g., branches, sculptures). This is a great idea for plants or trees lining walls or against some other background. Simply shine a light up at the object or plant so that it will cast its shadow on the surface behind it.

Moon Lighting

No it’s not a second job. It is the art of actually placing deck or patio lights up high so that they shine down through tree branches, creating the effect of moonlight.

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