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Stamped Wood Spares You Maintenance

Do you love the appearance of wood decks and patios? At the same time, are you tired of the continuous maintenance routine? Maybe it’s time for you to switch to a more durable, low-maintenance material. There are many options available, including vinyl and composites, but one option that has grown in popularity in the past few years is the use of stamped concrete that imitates the appearance of wood.

A Whole New Look for Concrete

Concrete is used in many applications throughout the building process. It provides a strong and durable foundation that doesn’t deteriorate nearly as quickly as other materials. If installed with the right reinforcements and sealed properly, concrete can last a lifetime. The only drawback to concrete is that in and of itself, it is not as attractive as some of the other finish materials. For many years, we were stuck with either a drab gray finish or paint. Since the invention of the modern stamps and stains, concrete is beginning to take on a whole new look that is really catching on.

Imitating Wood

To imitate the appearance of wood for your new concrete surface, you would first form the area just as you would for a normal concrete installation. Lay the appropriate rebar grid, pack the gravel, and mix the cement. You have the choice of either adding pigmentation to the wet cement, or adding the color at a later time. Pour the cement into the waiting forms and pack into place. Allow to set a little before pressing your wood-shaped stamp into the top of the wet cement. Repeat until the whole surface has been imprinted, working carefully to maintain a precise pattern. After the concrete has cured, seal with a stain or clear sealant to protect your new surface and to help to keep the cracks clean.

You now have a strong surface that mimics real wood, but also offers the striking appearance of a modern stamped concrete surface. Request free estimates from skilled concrete contractors in your area today.

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