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Replicating Cobblestone Charm

Are you looking for a clever way to make your concrete surface more decorative? Unlike the old days when gray was all you got, there are now many ways to make your concrete more attractive. One commonly applied technique is to replicate other stones, such as cobblestone.

There are three ways to create a cobblestone appearance. One way is through the use of a stencil, stain, and paint. The other, more permanent method is to use a stamp and colored concrete.

  • Painting the Design. This method can be applied to both existing and new surfaces. After the concrete is cured or thoroughly cleaned, use a cobblestone stencil and a rust-colored paint or stain to apply the pattern. After the paint is dry, you can use a gray paint to fill-in the lines between the bricks to simulate the grout that would fill regular cobblestones.
  • Stamping Wet Concrete. This method is normally applied to new concrete surfaces. You can purchase the special stamps from a concrete supplier. Form you patio or walkway just as you would for a normal installation. Mix and pour the concrete, one section at a time. After laying a small section, press the mold into the wet cement. Repeat as often as necessary. You can mix pigmentation into the wet cement, or apply paint or stain once the concrete is cured. One style trick you might try is to sprinkle rock salt onto the top of the surface and then apply a colored stain over the top to create a unique textured appearance.
  • Etching the Design. This technique can be used to add design to an existing surface. Using a special etching tool, cut the cobblestone pattern into the cement. After the design is established, stain or paint the color of your choosing.

These are just a few ways to dress up your concrete surface. Request free estimates from prescreened concrete contractors to bring the charm of cobblestone to your home.

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