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Use Gravity Walls for Various Landscaping Projects

A gravity wall is one of

four basic types of retaining walls. This

type of wall is usually thicker at the base than it is at the top. It’s

usually constructed low to the ground, averaging around 4 feet in height. These walls use their own weight (stone,

concrete, or other heavy materials) to hold back the earth behind them. They’re

created to hold back soil and landscaping on uneven ground or mountainous


Builders’ often refer to

this technique as ‘Battering’.

This design gives a visual effect of power and strength. Over time the

structure may succumb to gravity and other natural forces, but because of this

setback design, forward tilts go unnoticed for a longer period of time. These

barriers are popular landscaping additions, made of mortarless stone or

segmented concrete.

A gravity wall can be used

for various types of landscaping projects, but before you construct this type

of divider, ask yourself some basic

questions about the project.

  1. How tall must the wall be? Remember the taller a gravity wall is, the less effective it will be.
  2. What’s going on above the wall? The question here is about the push from the landscape above the wall. Flower beds and shrubbery creates less force but a driveway may cause more.
  3. What types of soil are behind the wall? Clay is much heavier than sand. Factoring in the soil type is important before moving forward with the gravity wall.

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