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Cantilever Walls for Basements and Landscapes

Cantilever walls usually hold back large amounts

of earth and are reinforced by a significant amount of steel. Basements

are great examples of cantilever walls. This type of retaining wall consists of

a universal thickness, attached to cantilever footings and tie beams. It’s

designed to withstand a tremendous amount of sliding and pushing from the earth

around it.

Cantilever walls are also used in

landscaping. Using treated wood posts to construct a retaining wall or

multi-level terraces can be very effective. Some people try to incorporate

railroad ties for this purpose, but a cantilever wall or barrier is ideal for this

function and goes with western landscaping.

Many different treatments can be incorporated by

using this type of wall. From flower

beds to medium verandas, wooden retainer walls can be aesthetically

pleasing and an upgrade to the landscape. For professional installation of cantilever

walls contact CalFinder to find a

contractor in your area.






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