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Steam Cleaning Concrete

Do you have a concrete surface that is suffering from dirt, stains, or worse? Well, nothing works like the strong cleansing effects of hot, steam cleaning. Just as steam works away to clean the pores of your skin, concrete is also a porous material and steam can actually be quite effective.

Steaming Method

Steam cleaning is a completely safe method of use on concrete. Unlike products that can be damaged by water, such as wood, concrete cannot be harmed by the procedure. Just as you can rent a carpet shampooer that heats a solution to create steam, you can also find steam cleaners for concrete. The machine heats the solution, and the hot steam is injected into the surface with the use of a nozzle or brush attachment. The searing-hot steam kills germs while cleaning. While it is quite effective at removing dirt and killing mold and mildew spores, deep stains may require additional treatment.

High-pressure steam cleaning can be accomplished with some pressure washers, but a high-quality steamer is recommended. There are residential models such as this WhiteWing Steamer for $599. This creates 285-degree temperatures for up to two hours and provides a high-pressure spray. For tougher jobs, there are more extensive and powerful commercial models that began around $1,000.

Benefits and Precautions

Steam cleaning is preferred by many because it avoids the need to use chemicals when cleaning. This is better for the environment as well as your health. Overall, it is a fairly safe process. There are a few precautions that should be taken. Because you are working with extremely high temperatures, be sure to wear protective clothing and to keep pets and children away. Cement can also be damaged if the temperatures are too extreme for too long of a period of time, so be sure to always follow the manufacturer’s directions. If you would like the assistance of prescreened concrete specialists in your area, then request free estimates today.

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