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Pressure Washing Concrete

There are many different uses for concrete. Even though it is strong and almost indestructible, concrete is a porous surface and does tend to easily absorb unwanted liquids. There are many ways to clean it, and water washing is one commonly-used method. One nice aspect to concrete is that it can simply be washed using a bucket of hot water and a scrub brush. This will not accomplish deep cleaning, but it is very effective for surface dirt.

Pressure washing is one of the most effective techniques utilizing water. It involves the use of a pressure washing machine that heats the water and then uses pressure to create a high-powered spray. The high-powered spray can blast away dirt, debris, mold, mildew, and occasionally, stains. The hotter the water, the more effective the procedure. Pressure washers can be powered by electricity or fueled by gasoline. Models vary depending upon the intended purpose. There are more simple ones for household use or larger, more industrial models for commercial applications. Prices range from $99 all the way up to several thousand.

Although water washing is quite effective on concrete, sometimes more aggressive methods are needed. You can always incorporate chemicals into your solution or apply another form of cleansing. To remove tough stains, you may need to spot treat the stained areas before using the pressure washer. An unusual way to remove oil stains is to sprinkle cat litter or sawdust over the soiled area. Sweep up the excess litter, and then apply a stain remover to the location. After the stain remover has been allowed to soak into the stain, apply a pressure washer to clean.

Regular use of a pressure washer and water on concrete can help to prevent more difficult problems from developing. Request assistance from a concrete specialist in your area to make your surface as good as new again.

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