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Water Blasting Concrete Cleaning

Concrete is a strong and durable material, but like everything, it can get dirty and stained occasionally. So before you get too discouraged about deep-set stains or a dirty surface, there are a few cleaning techniques you can apply.

Water blasting is a very effective method, and even though it is only water, it can work quite well. The technique involves the use of a high-pressure machine that uses compressed air or condensed gas to project water at a very high pressure. The force of the spray can be adjusted, and the impact can scrape away dirt, debris, mold, and mildew.

Water blasting is probably the gentlest approach out of all of the blasting methods, and it is preferred for that reason. Although it may not change the texture of the concrete too much, it provides an effective and safe way to clean. Sometimes the chemical treatments and the use of particles can be more dangerous and messy, and a clean blast of water is a welcome alternative.

Although it can be gentle, water blasting also has a tough side. As explained in this article, it is also a clean and effective way to cut or remove concrete without damaging the surrounding area. The spray is simply adjusted to a stronger pressure depending upon the desired result. Hydrodemolition or ultra high pressure water blasting (UHP), as this is also called, is an extensive process that utilizes a large jet-powered high pressure pump. Water blasters range in power from 7,500 to 40,000 PSI, depending on the needed strength. They can be quite expensive to buy, starting around $100,000, which is probably more than the average homeowner wants to invest for a DIY project.

If you have a difficult surface that requires some strong elbow-grease, then talk to a concrete specialist about utilizing this method. Request free estimates from skilled concrete contractors in your area.

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