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Flame Cleaning Concrete

In our recent collection of library articles on the various methods used to clean concrete, we’ve covered steam cleaning, pressure washing, abrasive methods, blasting, chemical cleaning, and mechanical cleaning. If your surface is stubborn and resisting all of those techniques, then here is one more for you to try. It’s called flame cleaning.

Flame cleaning, in addition to its attention-grabbing name, is quite an intense cleaning process. Flame cleaning is used in preparation for applying coatings to concrete. The procedure involves passing a multi-flame oxy-acetylene blowpipe over the concrete. This method removes the top layer of concrete, and can be quite effective at removing unwanted stains, oil, and grease.

The method is more effective if the concrete is first soaked in water, as this allows for a more uniform removal of the concrete. The amount of concrete removed varies based upon the intensity of the treatment. The longer the time under the blowtorch, the more concrete that will be removed.

Flame cleaning is quite an effective technique.It removes the top layer of the concrete with very little mess, leaving you with a clean and dry surface ready for a fresh coating or finish.

Despite its effectiveness, flame cleaning requires a high amount of skill. Experience is required to know the appropriate time to have the flame applied to the surface, as well as the required distance from the surface. Without the proper knowledge, the surface can easily become damaged. Additionally, the use of flame and gas can be dangerous, and only those specially trained in the application of this procedure should attempt it.

There are so many ways to maintain concrete and to keep it a valuable asset to your building. Concrete has literally stood the test of time, providing support and enjoyment to homeowners for ages. Keep yours in the best repair possible, and request free estimates from concrete specialists in your area.

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