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Chemical Concrete Treatments

Concrete, also known as cement, is an invaluable resource used in innumerable applications throughout the world. What other material can you identify that is used in the construction of bridges as well as backyard barbeque areas?

Concrete is loved because of its durability, longevity, and easy maintenance. If it is properly installed, normally the only maintenance required is the occasional filling of cracks, removal of stains, and thorough cleaning. Depending on the application, it may also require occasional staining or painting.

For the removal of everyday dirt and debris, washing with a hose is normally all that is required. Tougher stains like mold and mildew often need something a little stronger. A pressure washer is often the tool of preference; and in many cases, chemicals are used in conjunction with the pressure washer.

Different solutions are used for different materials. For the removal of oil and grease stains, a driveway cleaner and degreaser such as this Driveway Cleaner and Degreaser by Savogran is recommended. The general, all-purpose cleaner from Mason’s Select will remove dirt, mold, and mildew. In addition, this cleaner is biodegradable and contains no phosphates, making it safe to use and eliminating the danger of it seeping into the soil and eventually contaminating the water table.

General cleaning is required on a regular basis to maintain your concrete’s attractive appearance. Concrete is porous and can absorb unwanted materials, and chemicals are more affective at removing these substances.

Cleaning concrete can be a bit labor intensive and tedious, but a process that is required on a regular basis. Whether you are preparing a surface for staining or simply maintaining your patio, request free estimates from concrete specialists who can assist you with choosing and applying the right chemical treatments.

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