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Concrete Foundations

Any home or structure must have a solid foundation, and every puzzle that is a building begins with this vital piece. It is the foundation that supports the home, protecting it from sinking, rising, and falling over. In modern construction, every bearing wall and every roof truss must be connected to the foundation in order to complete that puzzle and ensure the integrity of the entire structure.

There are several types of foundations. They all use concrete in some form or another. Which foundation you would use for your home depends on a variety of factors, from the frost line to the overall design of the house. On the other hand, foundations for garden sheds or decks can be relatively simple and are common DIY projects.

The main types of concrete foundations are crawl space, slab-on-grade, and full-height basements. Other types include pier foundations and insulated concrete forms (ICFs), the latter gaining in popularity quickly due to strength, eco-friendliness, and energy efficiency. This section of the CalFinder Library will explain each type of foundation individually in order to provide you with at least a basic knowledge of concrete foundations as you speak with, hire, and observe your local contractor.

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