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Wet Concrete Finish

Have you ever found a rock on the beach or in a trickling creek that caught your eye because of its unique beauty? As a child, I would always be excited to find the rock but disappointed to bring it home and to have it dry to a dull gray. The same can hold true for a beautiful tile, natural stone, or polished concrete surface. It can be beautiful when wet, but unless sealed in some way, quite drab when allowed to dry.

There are ways to prolong the “wet-look” of your surface indefinitely. Sealing the concrete with a lacquer is one way to accomplish the wet look. The lacquer not only protects the surface against damage from moisture, grease, oil, mold, and mildew, but its transparent nature dries in a shiny fashion that highlights the natural beauty of whatever lies beneath. The best part of a seal such as this is that it doesn’t change its appearance with variables in its environment.

To achieve this look for your concrete surface, begin by purchasing a product such as this “Wet Look” 2000 Sealer. Then, thoroughly clean the concrete by pressure washing or using a chemical treatment. Once the concrete is clean and dry, then apply the lacquer with a brush in thin, even coats. Be careful not to allow the lacquer to puddle. Apply multiple coats to ensure a solid barrier. It may be necessary to reseal occasionally, especially if the area bears a large amount of traffic.

If you want a unique way to preserve your new concrete or rock surface, or simply want to spruce up an existing surface, the wet look is another option for you. Request free estimates from a prescreened concrete specialist in your area to give this procedure a try.



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