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Thermoplastic Concrete Sealant

Concrete is a very durable material, but it will last even longer with proper maintenance and treatment. There are many techniques and materials you can apply to concrete surfaces, and which one you choose is based upon the appearance you hope to achieve and the intended purpose for the surface. One more unconventional technique is called thermoplastic.

Unconventional Thermoplastic

Thermoplastic is an actual material that includes glass beads, binder, pigment, and filler materials. At hot temperatures, it becomes a liquid that can be used to seal concrete surfaces. Each ingredient in the mixture fulfills an important purpose. The glass beads add sparkle and texture, the pigment adds the color, the filler adds substance, and the binder holds everything together.

Thermoplastic is heated to an extreme temperature of 420° and then applied to the concrete or asphalt surface. The molten material melts into the porous concrete providing a strong, durable thermal bond seal.

Thermoplastic on Concrete

Thermoplastic is often chosen as a seal for concrete because of its reflective nature. It is especially reflective at night and from a distance. There are two types of thermoplastic: hydrocarbon and alkyd. Hydrocarbon thermoplastic is petroleum based and will break down when it comes in contact with oil spills. Alkyd thermoplastic, on the other hand, has resins that are resistant to petroleum.

Applying thermoplastic applies skill and proper knowledge. Hydrocarbon thermoplastic is more stable under hot temperatures than alkyd thermoplastic, making it easier to apply. You can purchase thermoplastic in blocks or granules.

The application of thermoplastic is normally used on roads and asphalt driveways because of its durability and reflective characteristics. It can also be used in garages and on sidewalks if desired. Request free estimates from prescreened concrete contractors in your area to assist you in sealing your concrete surfaces.

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