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Concrete Lacquer

Concrete is a very versatile product, serving multiple purposes in our world. It is not absent from our residences either, providing durable surfaces for our flooring, basements, walls, and outdoor living area. Whatever your purpose for a concrete surface, there are several unique and attractive ways to protect and dress it up a bit. One of these methods is to apply a lacquer finish.

The Benefits of Lacquer

Lacquer adds shine and smoothness to a surface. Its clear, glaze-like appearance coats the surface. When dry, it maintains a shimmering, wet appearance. Ever notice the shiny coating on wood furniture? That look is created by applying lacquer over the wood stain. Lacquers not only help maintain an illustrious sheen, but they also help to seal the concrete against dusting, efflorescence, spalling, freeze-thaw damage, and alkali degradation. Lacquer can withstand stains for up to 72 hours, and is resistant to oil, grease, and food stains.


To apply a lacquer to your concrete, begin by properly preparing the cement. If necessary, apply a cleaning method to remove dirt, debris, oil, and grease. You can also etch or use an abrasive method to add texture and design to the surface. Be sure the concrete is completely dry before applying the lacquer. There are many lacquers on the market, and you can find them at paint suppliers or home improvement stores. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for application and apply with either a sprayer or hand roller. Be sure to wear protective clothing, especially a mask as lacquer tends to release strong VOCs. However, there are some brands that offer lower VOCs.

Lacquer is a unique way to seal and dress up your concrete surface. Request free estimates from prescreened concrete contractors today to apply your lacquer.

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