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Stained Concrete – a Beautiful Flooring Choice

Unless pigmentation is added during installation, concrete is naturally a dull-gray color. Many people prefer to either paint or stain the surface to give it design and protection. Stained concrete can offer a beautiful flooring choice.

What are acid stains?

Acid stains consist of hydrochloric acid, metallic salts, and water. They penetrate the porous surface of the concrete where they react with the hydrated lime in concrete bonding. Color adheres as a result of this interaction.

Acid stains offer an array of earthen tones that can be manipulated to create many fascinating designs that mimic marble, natural stone, and leather. Using stencils, you can create decorative designs with different colors. Some acid stains can be used to etch the surface of the concrete.

Finding and applying a concrete stain

Many manufacturers produce acid stains. Mason Company is one. Sometimes, it may be necessary to apply two or three coats of the stain to obtain the color you are hoping for. For the proper adhesion, it is important to begin with a clean surface.

Concrete may appear clean on the surface, but you should also make sure there is no build-up of unwanted materials or biological growth. If the surface is not too bad, a pressure washer should be sufficient. If it is deeply soiled, more abrasive methods or chemical treatments might be necessary.

Why stain verses paint?

Many homeowners prefer stains to paints because they create the appearance that concrete is actually that color. Stains allow for the natural grain of the concrete to show through, whereas, paint is solid. Stains are also easier to remove or cover over than some other concrete coatings.

If you are ready to bring fresh life to your concrete surface, then request free estimates from prescreened concrete specialists in your area today.

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