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Repair Small Cracks in Concrete Before they Grow

Concrete is the material used for patios, foundations, flooring, basements, walkways; the uses are numerous. Even though concrete is naturally very durable and resistant to damage, depending on how it was installed and the natural shifting motion of the earth, it can be prone to developing small cracks.

When addressed quickly, small cracks in concrete are not overly concerning. However, if left unattended to, they can become larger and eventually, negatively affect the structural integrity of the building. When you get a spare moment, you might inspect the concrete around your home for any small cracks in need of repair.

How you go about repairing a small crack depends upon the location and purpose of the concrete. What method you employ on a sidewalk may be completely wrong for a kitchen countertop.

  • Repairing Flat Surfaces. If you have a crack in a flat surface such as a garage floor, sidewalk or patio, begin by carefully cleaning out the crack. This is best accomplished with a pressure washer to remove any biological growth or dirt accumulation. This will provide you with a clearer picture of what you are working with in regard to repair. Once the crack is clean and dry, apply a concrete patching compound with a small trowel.
  • Repairing Raised Surfaces. These can include foundations, basement walls, and retaining walls. They are patched in much the same way as flat surfaces, but sometimes, more careful manipulation is needed to ensure a quality matching job.
  • Repairing Special Surfaces. Countertops and decorative concrete flooring will require special techniques for repair. If the crack is in the middle of a decorative finish, an artistic touch will be required to match the same pattern.

It is important to keep your concrete in good repair. Request free estimates from concrete specialists in your area today.b

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