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Patching Up Your Concrete

Concrete is a very reliable and durable surface, but just like everything else in life, requires a little TLC to keep it in tip-top shape. Various influences can chip away at its integrity over time, whether they are weather extremes, heavy traffic, or damaging stains. Needless to say, concrete occasionally requires some patching.

Patching concrete is relatively simple, but does require a fair amount of patience and skill in order to achieve a satisfactory result. Began by thoroughly cleaning out the hole or large crack. Use a screwdriver or small trowel to chip away any loose or crumbling concrete until you have a clean edge. Clean the raw edge with a steel wool, and then apply a concrete adhesive. Portland cement diluted with water can also work. Mix up a batch of concrete-patch mixture (which can be purchased at any home-improvement store). Work into the hole with a trowel pressing firmly against the concrete adhesive.

When patching cement, it may be difficult to match the preexisting finish. This is where the skill and patience come in. A skilled concrete technician will be able to identify the type of finish on the surrounding concrete and will have a clear idea on how to finish the patch. Even with the most skillful manipulation, the patch may still be difficult to hide. You might consider re-staining or sealing the whole concrete surface. This will expertly hide the patched area and freshen up your surface at the same time.

Patching holes and cracks in concrete is important to maintaining the structural integrity of the cement. If neglected, water can seep into the hole, causing it to expand and to break up further. Mold and mildew can also take hold, not to mention the danger of having an exposed hole. Request free estimates from certified concrete contractors in your area to perform the necessary maintenance on your concrete surface.

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