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Concrete Paint Brightens Dull Surfaces

Do you have a concrete surface around your house that is stained, dirty, or just plain and bare? There are many ways to brighten that drab surface, and applying a concrete paint is one of them.

Concrete paint not only brings design and attractiveness to a naturally dull, gray surface, but it also works to protect and seal the concrete against abuse from the elements, stains, and biological growth. Most concrete paints consist of either a latex, alkyd, or epoxy base.

  • Epoxy Color Chips. Many concrete paints are a form of epoxy. The epoxy base adheres well to concrete surfaces and provides a durable and attractive seal. These thick epoxy coatings provide vibrant color and an almost impermeable barrier to damaging forces.
  • Latex Satin Acrylic Paint. This enamel creates a smooth finish in a number of colors and can be used both for interior and exterior applications. It is quick drying, and resistant to oils, grease, and common stains. It does create more of a smooth surface, so avoid using where slippage could be a problem.
  • Elastomeric Coating. This paint is manufactured by Valspar, and not only coats the surface of concrete but also fills cracks, reinforcing the strength of the surface. Its elasticity allows for it to expand and contract along with the concrete.
  • Texture Paints. Concrete is naturally a bit slick, and sometimes it is advantageous to apply a textured paint for additional traction. Textured paints are durable, add traction, and can even be used to add decorative texture to imitate other surfaces such as granite.

Concrete paints come in almost as many colors as other house paints. They will bond better if a quality primer is applied before application. Request free estimates from prescreened concrete contractors in your area to revitalize your concrete surface.

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