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Painting Concrete

Are you looking for a solution to your drab and dull concrete surface? Well, there are many ways to bring fresh life and renewed style to that reliable old gray. As discussed in the following articles, there are many options when it comes to finishing concrete.

Concrete paints are one option. They work well for disguising stained or soiled concrete. Their thick consistency provides durable protection that will withstand heavy traffic and abuse from the elements. Concrete paints consist of latex, acrylic, or two-part epoxies. The paints can either be oil or water-based, and which type to use depends on the location of the surface and the look you are hoping to create.

If concrete paint isn’t for you, then there are many choices of stains. Stains either bond to the surface of the concrete or are absorbed into the pores. Either way, stains present you with the opportunity to add color and artistic design to your concrete. There are even special stains that are absorbed into the concrete, which can be used to create faux designs or textured surfaces. You can purchase commercial stains in many beautiful colors, or you can have a little fun and create your own unique color at home with some basic ingredients.

Before you apply any finish to your concrete, whether a paint or stain, you should first apply a quality primer. Without the proper preparation, many paints and stains will not adhere properly and may even bubble or peel off shortly after application. Read on to help you decide which treatment will transform your concrete surface into an attractive asset to your home.

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