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A bathroom vanity is the centerpiece of your bathroom. It should reflect your personal style and complement the tone of your entire bathroom. There are two types of bathroom vanities: traditional vanity cabinets for storage and counter space and bathroom vanity sinks. Free standing vanity sinks are alternatives to traditional sinks with attached walls. Because vanity sinks vary in their amount of counter area, they can potentially save a lot of space in your bathroom.

The difficulty lies in the number of choices. Bathroom vanities come in as multifaceted a selection as bathrooms themselves. One way to approach your selection of a new bathroom vanity is to go with the current or desired theme in your bathroom. If you have a cottage style bathroom with an emphasis on simple, homey touches, a distressed vanity with an aged distressed finish would fit right in. Modern sleek vanities use material such as chrome, acrylic, and steel, have clean lines, and feature unusual designs. The European Contemporary Vanity designs vary from rectangular, cabinet top sinks to vessel bowls on an Old-World fashioned table. Another, more innovative contemporary design features a sink vanity shaped like a wine barrel.

If you’re looking to save room, corner vanities come in small, compact shapes. Antique-inspired vanities are also available for a home furnished with aged collectibles. The choices go on and on. Moving away from theme, you can decide on your vanity based on your choice of material. Vanities are made in fiberglass and acrylic, enameled cast iron or steel, porcelain, culture or faux stone, ceramic, china, and several varieties of wood. For wood surfaces, it’s important to coat the vanity properly to prevent damage accrued from water splashing.

Once you’ve purchased a vanity, it’s possible to reinvent it again and again with a custom remodel. The great thing about remodeling a bathroom vanity is that you can leave the structure intact while replacing or adding various parts. Fixing a bathroom vanity usually entails simple repairs such as replacing hinges, shelving, or mirrors. You can also restore older cabinetry and incorporate it into an inspired bathroom vanity piece of your making. It’s possible to build or remodel your own bathroom vanity in a matter of days.

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