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Small Bathroom Sinks

Small bathrooms don’t need to feel cramped or stuffy. There are several sinks out there that complement a small bathroom well. With one of these sink types and the right choices in flooring and lighting, a small bathroom can possess a special blend of elegance and charm.

Utilizing the corners is highly recommended in small bathrooms. These hard-to-reach spaces aren’t often used to their full advantage in the standard bathroom. In small bathrooms, however, every space is important. Bathroom sinks designed for corners are great space savers. Corner sinks also come in combination with other space-saving designs: the corner pedestal sink and the corner
wall mount sink
. Corner vanities also come in small, compact shapes.

Even when placed against the wall, pedestal sinks save room because they eliminate bulky counters. To make up for lost storage space, it’s possible to place small shelves beneath or behind the pedestal sink, or to make use of shower racks and door hooks. Mini pedestal sinks, such as those available through Vintage Tub and Bath, are also available for the smaller bathroom. These mini sinks are only about 16 inches wide, compared to standard sizes of about 20 inches.

Like pedestal sinks, wall-mounted sinks also don’t utilize counter space, are functional, and are aesthetically simple. Some models, such as the Nova Wall Mount Sink by Cheviot, include an extended side to place soap and toothbrush holder or other decorative items.

When selecting a sink for your small bath, contact a certified bathroom remodeler to assist you with installation.

Despite common misconception, small bathrooms don’t have to feel cramped or stuffy. In fact, there are types of sinks that complement a small bathroom both efficiently and beautifully. With the right sink and smart choices in flooring and lighting, a small bathroom can possess a special blend of elegance and charm.


The cost of a small bathroom sink depends on the material, model and brand you go with. You can spend as little as $100 or as much as $700 or more. It’s best to shop around first, and when you’re ready for installation, click here for fast bathroom price quotes.


A small sink can use a corner in a small bathroom that would normally be left untouched.

Like pedestal sinks, small sink designs save room by eliminating bulky counters.

Small sinks can be highly functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Generally speaking, small sinks are not the best choice for a primary bathroom.

They typically don’t offer the under-the-counter storage space of other sinks.


Small sinks require the same type and amount of maintenance as any other sink—simply wipe down with a household bathroom cleaner on a regular basis.

Common Questions and Answers

What are some small bathroom sink styles?

Corner sinks are great because they utilize those small spaces that other sinks can’t fit into. These can be purchased as pedestal or wall-mounted sinks. There are a variety of pedestal sink styles available (apart from the corner sink) that eliminate bul

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