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Small Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities can include storage space, counter space,
up to two sinks, and mirrors, too. However, all of this can take up too much
room when you have a small bathroom. Luckily, homeowners with small
can still incorporate the stylistic appeal of a bathroom vanity
with a smaller model. Typically called the petite vanity, these smaller
versions are great space savers and also include small storage spaces for
towels, toiletries, and the like.

A petite vanity typically holds just one sink, eliminating
counter space. It is small, functional, and stylish. In addition, you can
install one of limitless models to go with traditional, modern, romantic, or
one of any number of bathroom themes.

For instance, the Sonia,
Small Table, Deep Vessel
Vanity by Home and Stone is contemporary with a
glass vessel sink and sleek wooden cabinet. The size of a small side table,
this vanity only has room for the sink on its surface. It stands on four legs
and includes a single-hole faucet bracket and cabinet.

For a different look, Stein
World’s Carved Petite Vanity
appeals to more traditional and romantic
sensibilities. Made from carved wood with an elaborate texture, this petite
vanity has an antique white marble top and undermounted
with antique brass fixtures. The wood cabinet opens to a convenient
storage space and stands on four legs. Similar in appeal, the Antique
Cream Marble Carved Petite Vanity
sold by Lamps Plus is reminiscent of
French antiques.

You can also combine modern and retro with Bancroft’s
Petite Vanity
. This model combines dark wood with a vitreous china lavatory
basin and widespread polished chrome faucet. The outcome is traditional
elegance reminiscent of the early 1900s.

It’s easy to see that petite vanities give homeowners plenty
of choices during the bathroom remodel process. When you’ve made a selection,
contact one of our certified
bathroom remodelers
for a free installation estimate.

Bathroom vanities are a beautiful thing—they can give you storage space, counter space, sinks and mirrors, too. But when you have a small bathroom, all of this can take up a lot of precious room. Luckily, homeowners with small bathrooms can still incorporate the stylistic appeal of a bathroom vanity with a smaller model. Here is some more information.


The cost of a small bathroom vanity can be less than $200, or more than $1,500 depending on the style, manufacturer and type you choose to go with. Speak with a contractor for estimates specific to your project.


Can still offers storage space without taking up too much space, often in the form of a cabinet-cupboard or chic accessory baskets.

There are a variety of models to choose from—traditional, modern, transitional, and more.

Small vanities can be both functional and stylish. There are even wall-mounted vanities that appear to be floating, giving you tons of room.


The storage space is minimalist and probably won’t be suitable for more than one person.

Small vanities include one sink.

Small vanities typically lack counter space.


The durability of a bathroom vanity depends on the quality of materials they are constructed from, the style, and the manufacturer. Make sure to speak with your contractor or home improvement store about the durability of your vanity—as well as its warranty.


While the maintenance required of a small vanity may vary, it usually just needs a regular cleaning. Use a household bathroom cleaner and sponge to wipe down the surface. Dry afterwards.

Common Questions and Answers

What is the average height of a bathroom vanity?

The average height is 30 inches, although custom vanities can be made to fit other specifications.

What are the possible widths of a small bathroom vanity?

Small bathroom vanities can range in width from 12” to 73.”


Vanities didn’t begin appearing in bathrooms until the turn of the 19th century, but it took some 30+ years after that point for them to be seen as an element of design and not just a functional storage space.

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