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Bathroom Shower Stalls

shower stalls are typically made up of four parts: a base, safety glass
door, glass side panels (unless the shower is recessed), and side
walls, which are waterproofed with tile, fiberglass, etc. Out of those
four components come any number of different shower stalls. This can
make walking a showroom an overwhelming experience. There will be
dozens of manufacturers for dozens of shower stalls.

one of the best tools any shower-shopping homeowner can have upon
entering the showroom is prior knowledge of the many manufacturers and
what they produce. Providing that knowledge is the goal of the short
profiles below. Should any manufacturer arouse your showering
sensibilities, feel free to follow the provided link to their website
for more detailed information.


MAAX aker bathroom shower stall optionMaax
is a Montreal-based corporation that boasts 6 brands and 1,800
employees throughout North America and Europe. Maax products focus on
innovation, creativity and “well-being, inner peace and, ultimately,
thousands of delighted customers.” They show it by putting comfort and
convenience up front, such as ergonomically designed shower stalls with
integrated lighting, spacious seats, well-placed water controls, and
anything else that maximizes the relaxation of bathing.


is a subsidiary brand of Maax, specializing in tubs, whirlpools, and
professional-grade gelcoat shower stalls with acrylic faces. These
residential bathroom showers are delivered wholesale for easy


doors, tub/shower doors, a full line of shower stalls, and custom
shower doors are some of the products offered by Sterling. Their
trademarked Vikrell material showers offer the strength and smoothness
of fiberglass stalls. They also offer tile and corner shower options.


products are the remodeler’s shower stalls. Corian showers’ smooth
surface is designed to mount directly over old tile while still
providing a seamless and smooth appearance. Corian stalls save time and
money on demolition and plumbing by utilizing what is already there
while still managing to reinvent the bathroom.American shower and bath batheroom shower stall


Shower and Bath is a well known bathroom product company; well known
due to their dedication to affordable excellence, customer service,
innovation, and operations. American provides everything from shower
stalls to bathroom fixtures. They do not sell directly to consumers,
but American products are found in retail stores nationwide.


and operated since 1945, Century Shower Door sells state-of-the-art
products made in a state-of-the-art facility. They offer both framed
and frameless shower doors. The former are unique in their tubular
design, eliminating the conventional flat rail design. Their frameless
doors offer a contemporary look and come in a variety of finishes, from
chrome and polished brass to brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze.


Shower Stalls is another Canadian firm, this one specializing in a wide
range of frameless glass shower enclosures. They offer shower doors,
bases, and walls, bathtub enclosures, steam showers, hardware, and even
installation tools, tapes, and anchors.


to do a little more research? Here are some useful links to help you
find more information on manufacturers, products, or any information
related to shower stalls and manufacturers.

Bath Enclosures Manufacturers Association

National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA)

Plumbing Manufacturers Institute

Local Bathroom Contractors

If you have a cramped bathroom or just aren’t much of a soak-in-the-tub kind of person, chances are a bathroom shower stall would be the perfect solution for you. They take up less room than the bathtub/shower combo and come in a variety of design styles. Here’s some more information to get you started.


The costs of installing a bathroom shower stall depend on a variety of factors: whether your stall is pre-fabricated or custom-built, the materials used, labor for professional installation, as well as the size of the shower stall itself. On average, you can expect to pay $2,000 for a fiberglass shower stall, and $3,000 for a tiled shower stall (not including doors). Get a price quote to find out what it would cost for your own home.


Bathroom shower stalls take up less room than the traditional bath/shower combo.

Stalls can be constructed from a variety of materials, cutting costs where possible.

Shower stalls are generally better at keeping water from getting onto the surrounding bathroom floor.


Bathroom shower stalls don’t provide the double usage that the bathtub/shower combos can.

Usually don’t offer much room for showering.


The durability of a bathroom shower stall depends on the materials it’s constructed from. With regular maintenance and normal wear and tear, however, most shower stalls should last for years to come.


Maintenance is rather minimal. Usually all that is required is regular cleaning with a household shower cleaner (or distilled vinegar if the shower walls are tiled with grout in between). This will keep the space looking like new.

Common Questions and Answers

What are bathroom shower stalls?

Bathroom shower stalls are usually one-person showers made to take up less room than the shower/bath combo. They are often made up for four parts: a base, safety glass door, glass side panels (unless the shower is recessed), and side walls, which are wate

Are shower stalls pre-fabricated or custom?

Shower stalls can be pre-fabricated or custom, based on the homeowner’s preference. For minor bathroom remodels on a budget, pre-fabricated models are a great choice

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