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Shower Doors

Bathroom remodeling is one of the most popular ways to increase the value of your home. Because there are so many fixtures and styles to choose from, CalFinder is here to help you break it all down. We’ve summarized six popular shower door models. Once you understand what’s available to you, it will be easier to come up with a concept for your bathroom. Then, select one of our qualified bathroom remodeling contractors to help you install it in a way only an expert can.


Pivot shower doors open out from a single side. They are typically framed glass doors that encompass one of four sides of shower stall with rectangular or square dimensions. Pivot shower doors are a good choice for homeowners with a taste for the simple and classic.


Folding shower doors open and close in accordian fashion. Difficult to imagine? Picture the characteristic folds of a fan, each panel caving in at parallel intervals. An alternative to sliding shower doors, folding shower doors are unique in that they can can be left either open or closed for an enclosed shower or an accessible tub.


Got a small shower space? No worries. There are special doors made just for you. Bi-fold doors are known for their flexible fitting. Considered a great space saver, this style is a good option for homeowners with small bathrooms. It is primarily used for standalone showers, especially when the shower space consists of a small cube.

Unlike its relative, the folding shower shower door, this style has only one panel at the center, where the door caves in upon opening and closing.


Frameless shower doors are just that. Without panels or frames, they consist of uninterrupted glass that give your bathroom a spacious look and feel. Interconnected pieces are attached with unobtrusive hinges and usually open from a single handle. This modern design can enclose a variety of spaces and is an ideal choice for custom designers.


It’s difficult to go wrong with this traditional model that can suit every bathroom, whatever the style of your home. The sliding shower door accompanies rectangular spaces well, whether they are shower stalls or tub and shower spaces. Sliding shower doors open and close via metal sliders located at the base of the stall.


Not every shower stall consists of a perfect rectangle or square. For stalls or tubs with one or more rounded corners, a curved shower door is necessary. With versatile possibilities, curved shower doors come in a variety of styles and dimensions to suit every homeowner’s needs.

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