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Tropical Bathroom

The great thing about a tropical bathroom design concept is
it can be designed in more than one way. A fun, colorful theme might come to
mind first. This look can be achieved without the exaggerated playfulness of
child’s room. Another possibility is tropical chic. This toned down approach
makes any room a haven while incorporating the relaxing and luxurious
characteristics of a tropical getaway. Here’s some advice on both design
concepts to get you started on your latest bathroom

Tropical Chic

  • Restful colors. Use muted tones like green, deep brown, neutral ivory, soft yellow, pale gold, beige, and tan. These earth colors will bring out your room’s tropical roots while accenting comfort and warmth. Offset the colors with white curtains that gently twirl in the summer breeze.
  • Tropical plants. Plants are always invigorating and pleasing to the eye. In a tropical room, they’re essential. Decorate the corners of the room with leafy green palms or large-leaf banana plants.
  • Textures. There are several textures to choose from to bring out a tropical theme: bamboo, wicker, rattan, wood, leather, grasscloth. Consider placing bamboo mats on the floor, bamboo blinds beneath the curtains, or a wood-framed wall screen made from thatch paneling.
  • Simple accents. A glass tray filled with seashells. A bamboo soap dish. A single orchid. A single flower etched into white cotton towels. Each of these details is reminiscent of the tropics, while being refined and minimal in detail.

Tropical Fun

  • Bright, bold colors. There’s nothing muted abut tropical fish, pink flamingoes, and animal prints. If you associate your tropical bathroom as fun and colorful, it’s easy to incorporate these designs by using a printed shower curtain or incorporating a stenciled pattern into your paint job.
  • Tropical plants. The green leafy plants noted above will look great with this approach as well. Also try placing the more ostentatious tropical flower such as a bird of paradise, epidendrium, or orchid in your bathroom space.
  • Accessories. Even if you keep the rest of the room simple, essential accessories such as soap dishes, toothbrush holders, and small accents with tropical themes will quickly enliven the rest of the room.

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in your area.

You want your new bathroom design to make a statement—one that describes your home, your personality and the place you live. One popular bathroom style is tropical,  which in turn can be broken down into tropical chic and tropical fun.

A tropical chic design uses muted tones like green, deep brown, neutral ivory, soft yellow, pale gold, beige and tan. A tropical fun design, on the other hand, incorporates bright and bold colors associated with things like pink flamingoes and tropical fish.

If you’re looking to create a relaxing space reminiscent of the beach, then tropical chic is the way to go.  However, if the bathroom is for little ones that love bright colors, tropical fun may be a better fit. Here’s some more information.


The cost of a remodeling a bathroom in tropical decor depends on the number of changes you wish to make, the materials used, and the size of your space. Your renovation could be as simple and cost-effective as painting the walls and adding a few key accessories, or it could be more complicated, like adding a new vanity, updated flooring, new bathroom fixtures and more. It’s best to get a couple price quotes for your specific project and go from there.


They can be used to create a relaxing atmosphere or playful space for kids.

Tropical bathrooms use interesting texture more than other design schemes.

Tropical bathroom design allows for the use of plants and other fresh accessories.


Some homeowners find this style to be over the top.

Tropical decor is rather specific and may not suit future homeowners’ tastes.


The durability of tropical bathroom decor depends on the materials used. Check with your contractor for warranties on workmanship, products purchased and plumbing or bathroom fixtures installed.

Common Questions and Answers

What accessories are used in a tropical design scheme?

There are a variety of options available when it comes to accessorizing a bathroom with a tropical design scheme. If the design is tropical chic, you may consider adding a few tropical plants, e.g. leafy green palms or large-leaf banana plants. You may al

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