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Transitional Bathroom Design

What is transitional design? It is often defined as the marriage between the traditional and the contemporary. Rooms with transitional style have simple, smooth lines that hint at elegant, more traditional concepts. They are meant to be comfortable without excessive ornamentation or fancy décor. Thus, neutral, serene colors are the norm, adding warmth to the room with minimal effort.

In the bathroom, clean colors such as tan, beige, white, or light grey refresh the room and keep it cozy at the same time. Transitional hardware, such as bathroom lighting, is meant to look unpretentious and timeless. Transitional bathroom furniture, such as the Louis Vanity from Waterfall Bathroom, have traditional details camouflaged in simple modern lines.

They say natural stone is timeless. In the bathroom, a marble floor with light tones will suit the transitional concept. If you already have a primarily contemporary space, add the charm of an old home with a comfortable chair, an old-world tub, or a basin faucet. Extend a simple window with a graceful arch, then soften it with textured curtains.

If you’ve maintained a period style in your bath, you can move past it with modern updates: a frameless glass shower, an innovative sink, or a sleek faucet, all fitting in to a toned-down color concept and minimalist approach.

Traditional style seeks to balance masculine and feminine design attributes, molding neutral colors with dark woods for depth, minimal accessories with rich textures, and straight, modern lines with sophisticated curves.

To begin work on your master suite with traditional bath, contact a certified bathroom remodeler for a free estimate.

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