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Romantic Bathrooms

How do you picture a romantic setting? In the bathroom, you

might see a glimpse of candlelight, long flowing drapes, and a bubble bath

strewn with rose petals. Overall, the picture is one of luxury and self

indulgence within a cozy and intimate space. It is easy to achieve a romantic

style in the room where you get away from it all to unwind after a long day.

With the right attention to details that coordinate with one another, a

romantic bathroom can be luxurious without being frilly.

Light, neutral colors are preferred in the romantic

bathroom. White, beige, or crème shower mats, towels, or curtains make the room

welcoming and clean. Contrasted with dark mahogany wood or brass, it is

decadent as well. You can easily install brass fixtures to

hang towels, robes, or toilet paper, or contact a certified

home remodeler to install a brass

faucet. A mirror framed with

mahogany wood adds a classic touch, as does a mahogany wood

floor with water-resistant finish.

Perhaps no romantic bathroom is complete without a tub to

soak away in. In addition to basic tubs, there are also claw foot tubs for an

antique look, whirlpool tubs, built-in tubs, soaking tubs that

hold at least 250 gallons of water, freestanding tubs, and specialty tubs. You

need the right lighting for a good bath, and not necessarily with candles.

Low-wattage, accent lights draw attention to cozy spaces and infuse the room

with serenity. After your bath area is good to go, match your deep tub with

vanity top, vessel, or self-rimming




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