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Old World Bathroom Design

Old world design encompasses a myriad of European styles and a comfortable, broken in look. In the bathroom, it translates into deep, rich colors that can manifest in burgundy painted walls, midnight blue stone floors, or mahogany wood accents. Integrating color is important, but remember that the palette should lean towards subtle and soft over bright and flashy.

Your choice of materials should stem from the natural world rather than consisting of modern synthetics. Stone is a favorite with this design scheme because of its timeless appeal and distinguished appearance. Tumbled marble is a popular choice for old world bathroom floors or counters, and ceramic tile is a good alternative. Then, complete your countertop with an attractive basin sink to bring back the aura of simpler days.

Other possibilities for material include wood and metal work. Wrought iron towel baskets or shelving make lovely accents while conveniently holding bathroom accessories. Sconces, which resemble small lamps mounted to the walls, provide both accent and ambient lighting and a little ambiance as well.

Choose wood or metal backing for the sconces, and consider a vanity mirror with a frame made from heavy wood or metal latticework. One reason to select latticework artistry is its richness in texture. Texture is a big old world element for walls and surfaces. There are many ways to achieve it, including purchasing etched glass shower doors and etched window glass, selecting patterned wallpaper, or decorating with earthernware with aged distressed finishes.

Architectural elements reminiscent of the old world include exposed ceiling beams and arched doors and windows. These majestic arches can also be found in furniture, such as cabinetry, chairs, and accent pieces.

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