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Modern Bathrooms

There is no one way to go modern. It’s possible to take the elements of any bathroom style and update it into such genres as farmhouse chic, modern cottage, or romantic modern. The possibilities are limitless and a lot of fun to explore as you plan your bathroom remodel. Here, we’ll look at some of the distinguishing elements of modern style that can be coordinated into a stylish and contemporary bathroom space.

Color and Creativity

With a modern bathroom, you have the license to be bold. Dramatic color schemes enliven dull spaces. When applied carefully, they can also look sleek and chic. For instance, bright reds or dark blacks are not overpowering when contrasted with white. Three shades of blue can add depth within a stark white molding. Other ways to have fun with color are to purchase fun shower curtains or flooring with geometric shapes. Or, try painting one wall and using mosaic tile on another.

Fun with Fixtures

Even when the rest of the room is simple and comfortable, a few modern fixtures quickly perk things up. Modern light fixtures come in an extensive array of shapes and sizes and can illuminate your bathroom like floating gems. The sink is considered the focal point of the bathroom. With an original and innovative bathroom sink, your modern bathroom is as good as made. Don’t forget, though, to make sure it goes over well with everything else in the room.

In addition to looking around for what’s new in faucets or vanities, try incorporating some personality with artwork.

Gleaming Glass and Solid Stone

Glass feels modern, especially when applied in the latest fashion, such as with sleek, frameless glass shower enclosures that use less space and material. If you have the space and time to go custom, the shower space can take on the aura of a spa retreat with luxurious elements such as steam options, walk-in entry, and seating.

Glass basins, vases, or mirrors are quick and easy accent pieces. Glass accents feel new and mirrors lend expansion and energy. Also, natural stone on bathroom walls, floors, and counters is simply timeless and can be coordinated with any bathroom style.

Going Zenful

An alternative to bold color is to go with the more muted, nature tones of a zenlike ambiance. This modern bathroom is designed to be a retreat: spacious, clean and stylish. To increase the feeling of space, you can raise the ceiling or use oversized floor tiles.

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