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Mediterranean Bathroom Remodel Decor

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A Mediterranean bathroom entails specific details: dark wood, warm tones, marble and copper, intricate ironwork, fine tapestry, bold, vibrant color. Long used by European artistans, these elements are characteristic of Old World style. In your bathroom, they can be incorporated in a myriad of ways. Whether your Mediterranean bathroom is formal or casual, rustic or sophisticated, it is sure to be a luxurious retreat.

Natural elements blend well in this genre. Marble or stone tile are good options for flooring, countertops, or fixtures, which should be curved, soft, and artistically pleasing to the eye. If you have room to get really creative, consider installing a marble or stone pillar or curved windows and archways. Trendy, dark hardwood flooring is a more affordable option to natural stone. You can offset this with creamy white stucco walls decorated with rich tapestries, then accent a corner of the room with rustic dark red or burgandy earthernware.

Another option is to incorporate vibrant, bold colors on the wall, such as canary yellow with cobalt blue trimming. Brightly colored pottery is also suggestive of Mediterranean style, as are ceramics with a Mediterranean theme.

After covering the basic elements of floors, walls, and fixtures, there’s a lot of space to have fun with smaller accents. Here are some ideas.

  • Wrought iron candleholders blend well with natural wood and stone elements. The soft candlelight will emphasize the room’s deep hues and enhance its Old World vibe.Terra cotta wall hanging or stationary pieces.
  • A water fountain as a relaxing focal point.
  • Accessories with grape and olive carvings or prints. (In the Mediterranean, grapes and olives often find their way into patterns and designs.)
  • Rustic wall finish
  • Mosaic tile window piece
  • Wrought iron mirror with an antique feel above the sink

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