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Country Bathrooms

In a country bathroom, you can incorporate elements from every other room of the house to give the bathroom an original twist and authentic lived in feel. Think chandeliers only belong in the dining room? Think again. Small chandeliers with a vintage appearance look great in a country bathroom, hanging just above a clawfoot tub.

You can bring the down-home kitchen into a country bathroom with checkered curtains or a mirrored cabinet reminiscent of a pantry. Or, for storage, try bringing in a bookshelf from the living room or the distressed armoire from the bedroom. Even an everyday dresser will do. Armchairs or wicker chairs don’t just belong in the parlor or on front porch. They make great corner pieces in a country bathroom, too! Wicker or wire baskets make useful accessories in the kitchen, and in the country bathroom they make perfect storage containers for towels or toiletries.

These small extravagances give a country bathroom a sense of luxury, making it a relaxing room to get away in for a long soak in the tub. Especially when you’ve got a fireplace warming up all the other elements of this important room. Together, though, the results are not meant to be overpowering, but a picture of simple tranquility.

Now for the details. If you have a historic home, leaving clues to the history and original building material and design leave a stamp of depth and warmth. Antique furnishing go right along with this line of thinking, as do rustic accessories like wooden pegs to hang robes and towels. Painted wooden shutters are another outlet for wood, as is a wooden frame for an oversized mirror. If you don’t have antique furnishings, give them the aura of antique with look-alike knobs. When you’ve come up with your own mix of country elements, contact a certified bathroom remodeler for a free estimate.

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