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Cottage Style Bathroom

Reminiscent of
early Americana, a mountain cabin, or the English countryside,
cottage style consists of bright, cheerful colors, simple
furnishings and mirrors, and a cozy, homey feel. In the bathroom, this might
translate with light, bouquet curtains, fresh garden-picked flowers
in a vase, and white fixtures with an aged distressed finish. Why the
distressed finish, you might ask? This element adds to the “lived
in” appeal of cottage style. Minor imperfections bode well in
this atmosphere, where slightly scuffed floors and worn surfaces not
only fit in but are sought-for finishing touches. The cottage
lifestyle suggests warmth: a home rather than a house, where family
and friends come often and leave their mark. Here are some ideas of
how to achieve the look with your next bathroom remodel.


White is a good
choice, in tune with a lot of natural light. Bright, uplifting colors
also fit in well. Think “bringing the garden indoors” and
feel free to select a myriad of colors that go well together for your
wallpaper, tiles, curtains, or bathroom accents.

Achieving the
“Distressed Look”

Peeling paint,
scuffed floors, and worn accessories like those artisan finds from
the flea market or Sunday garage sale can achieve the feeling of cozy
informality in a cottage bathroom. But don’t worry, vintage
objects don’t have to be antiques with this casual lifestyle
theme. Consider, for instance, placing a comfortable, farmhouse-style
chair with a soft cushion seat in the corner. Also, whitewashed

achieve the aged look while providing the functionality of a brand
new item.


Not only are cottage-style bathrooms warm and inviting, but vintage accessories can make yours completely one-of-a-kind. Here are the basics to get you started.


Because the cottage style depends on distressed touches and worn accessories, it can be a very inexpensive look to achieve. Keep an eye out for artisan finds from flea markets or garage sales. That perfect accessory could cost only a few dollars. Talk to a bathroom contractor to get the most accurate price estimates.


Vintage touches mean that your bathroom will be as far removed from the cookie-cutter norm as possible.

The cottage style’s light colors and cheery accessories make a cramped bathroom feel larger than it actually is.

Minor damages and imperfections, like scuffed floors and worn countertops, only add to the beauty of the design.


As with any specialized design, there’s always a chance it will get old fast.

This style is not for everyone; potential homebuyers may not go for worn-out bathroom fixtures.


With the exception of basic plumbing maintenance, etc., there’s need to worry about your bathroom’s durability with this design, as every scratch or dent will work to your advantage.


bathroom cottage decor

Common Questions and Answers

How can the “distressed” look be achieved in the bathroom?

Since the vanity is the focal point of the room, you should start there. Aged-looking vanities (usually made from maple, cherry, or walnut wood) can be purchase

What colors work well for this style?

Think light and airy when it comes to picking a color palette for your cottage bathroom. White is always a good choice, along with colors normally found in a garden.


The cottage style comes from design schemes present in early America and along the English countryside.

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