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Arts and Crafts Bathroom Remodeling

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Arts and Crafts design takes root in the Arts and Crafts movement of the late-nineteenth to early-twentieth century. The movement began in England when a group of painters and craftsmen vocally criticized the mass produced, machine-made furnishings and decorative products of the Industrial Era. One of the earliest groups that formed to bring fine and decorative arts back together was headed by William Morris, whose company was followed by others similar to it.

Though the era reached its height in 1910, the patterns and designs conceived at the time were well-preserved and continue to be printed to this day. If you are remodeling a bathroom, it is simple to achieve the tasteful quality of Arts and Crafts design. Here are some of the elements that characterize this style.

  • Natural over man-made. Natural material is not mass produced and can easily be crafted by the skilled human hand. Oak is a favorite in the wood category. Stain your wood floors for a dark finish.
  • Handcrafted. Reformers of the Arts and Crafts movement made everything by hand, including metalwork, jewelry, textiles, and furniture. They favored simple forms with some similarity to the minimalist style of the Orient, utilizing screens and fan patterns.
  • A taste for the medieval. Craftsmen of the Arts and Crafts movement were highly influenced by the arts of the medieval period. To achieve this look, use stained glass, copper, and pewter pieces. Hang a shower curtain with a wood or brass pole. Keep your bathroom space open and flowing.
  • Stylized designs. You may recognize upside-down hearts engraved in your Arts and Crafts woodwork and metalwork. This was incorporated often, along with Celtic motifs and flower designs. Line your bathroom counter and shower with tile, using green, red, blue, or mustard colors etched with an ornamental pattern. Find a similar pattern to line your walls. There are hundreds of original Arts and Crafts designs for wallpaper to cover your bathroom with a rich, intricate pattern.

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