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Bathroom Decor

A Plethora of Options

As you begin your research on bathroom decor you will be astonished by all the possibilities. The choices in flooring alone will amaze you not to mention the selection of sinks, faucets, tubs, showers, fixtures, and cabinetry. From the latest technology to old world or cottage style, you have the power to design and create your own personal haven.

In the past, bathrooms were often ignored – the last area of the home to get any attention. However, remodeling the bathroom has quickly surpassed all other remodeling trends. The money you invest in your bathroom today may bring a profit tomorrow. So, you can pamper yourself and invest wisely all at the same time.

What Style Bathroom are You Looking For?

Determine your style; go to open houses, model homes – bring your camera. Check out on-line sources, magazines, remodeling books, and remodeling television programs.

There are endless possibilities in style; Mediterranean, Cottage, Asian, Tropical, Arts & Crafts, Modern, Vintage, South Western, Romantic, Country, English Country, Old World, Contemporary, Eclectic, Victorian, Edwardian, Elizabethan, Rustic and Tuscan, just to name a few. Once you choose your style your next step is to choose your décor.


Once you decide on the style of your bathroom the next step is researching décor for that specific style.

Certain elements, when put together in a room, create a certain ‘style.’ And, if one element is not quite right, the styles’ integrity may be compromised. Just as in a recipe, if you add the wrong spice you get something completely different. Each cuisine owes characteristic flavors to unique combinations of these elements. For example, consider chicken soup. You can stir into the pot ginger and green onion for an Asian version, lime and chile for a Mexican creation, paprika and parsley for an eastern European taste, or thyme and bay leaves for a Mediterranean flavor. Each simple combination of ingredients creates an altogether different dish. The same goes for style and décor of your bathroom. Each simple combination is unique to a specific style.

If you mixed Shabby Chic Cottage colors with Mediterranean black wrought iron mirrors and Zen fixtures you would end up with a very confused bathroom. For this reason we have put together some helpful advice and guidelines on specific styles and the elements that favor that style.

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