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Wood Bath Materials for the Nature-Inspired Bathroom

Wood isn’t highly recommended for your tub, due to the risk factors of mold and warp and water resistance. For some reason, though, wood materials are liked amongst the not liked. Wood materials add a sense of history to your bathroom, and as another plus, you can actually refurbish old wood in your home to create a tub or bathroom accessory.

Accessory Pieces Add Rustic Appeal to your Wood

Nail holes, worm holes, or anything that has “aged” the wood makes for great rustic appeal. Even reusing old sinks, antique tiles, and more would go great with your wood-based bathroom theme. Adding great accessory pieces like a Clermont 48-in Oxford wood color sink vanity with legs or a gorgeous Bellet Foret corner single basin sink vanity really enhances the rustic theme in your bathroom. The Bellet Foret line consists of beautiful, classy vintage pieces that would definitely provide elegance to your wood bath area.

Have You Heard of a Wooden Bath Board Before?

This is another neat accessory for your bathtub that adds a different look while providing a great assistance to those who have a hard time getting into or out of their tub. Check out this link to read more about the wooden bath board: Wooden Bath Board. You don’t need to purchase one; you can make it yourself, too. This is another great way to personalize your wood bathroom.

Keep in mind that even though wood may look beautiful and rustic, it is not a long-term, no hassle investment. You will need to refinish the wood materials after a period of time. If you insist on having wood materials in your bathroom, teak wood is recommended, as is using clear, water proof resin coating to seal your bathtub or counter(s) for water proofing.

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