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Bathtubs with a Shower - Pure Convenience

Should I bathe the kids, or should I shower them? This is a question that points you to the answer of a bathtub with shower. A bathtub with shower is the standard for the majority of homes, and for good reason –it’s convenient. Another great thing about these tubs is they come in various models. You can even piece together the shower to your selected bathtub. For example, use a free standing bathtub like the clawfoot and install a shower head in the wall where your tub is placed. Talk to a certified bathroom contractor for help.

An easy solution for the tub with shower? A shower curtain. Get a rounded/oval shaped rod that can either be perched from the floor, or mounted on the wall, and hang your curtain on it circling your tub. This is an elegant and affordable mode of decoration.

When shopping around for a shower head, you’ll find that your choices are endless, including the American Standard, Belle Foret Shower or Hampton set with porcelain lever styles. You can also purchase a set with built in shelves. The prices usually range from $116-$450.

When remodeling or just upgrading your tub to something more your style, you have many options and many sizes that you can choose from. Lasco bathware has some great bathtubs and styles to choose from, such as shower units, tub/shower combination units and even some remodeling tips for your new addition. Whatever the tub and shower style you choose, it should be convenient, comfortable, easy on your budget, and easy on parents, too!

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